To rent and to own

Life lately

Abby’s enjoying the unseasonably warm weather in North Carolina.

Sarah’s family’s been feeling creative–writing for her, painting for HP, and children’s book making for Neil.

Reading lately

Abby’s reading Lab Girl, a memoir by Hope Jahren. She provides a window into the world of science academia, with specific attention to what it is like to be a woman in such a male-dominated field.

Sarah needed a break after A Little Life and flew through Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can. While the celebrity memoir was not particularly memorable, it was fun to read after watching the recent Gilmore Girls Revival.

Housing: Our experiences and thoughts on renting vs. owning

We describe our experiences renting and owning, what we’ve learned, and the benefits and drawbacks of both housing situations.

Resources we mentioned:

Eating lately

Sarah’s been making lots of soups (it’s soup season!). One of her favorites is similar to this African Peanut Soup if you add kidney beans.

Abby’s been cooking breakfast burritos with peppers, eggs, cheese, beans, and potatoes. They are perfect for brunches that require a gluten-free option.

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4 thoughts on “To rent and to own

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking of! Thanks, Kt. It’s good to know that kidney beans are likely safe from the Instant Pot. 🙂 -A


  1. Loved this podcast, it gave us as a military family so much to think about for our future “forever home”–like maybe we could just rent! Thanks ladies.


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