Pod-iversary Instant Pot Giveaway

As a way to thank our listeners and celebrate our first YEAR of podcasting, we are giving away an Instant Pot!

To enter, leave a comment on this post with:
1) Your favorite Friendlier episode,
2) A topic you’d like us to discuss in a future episode, and
3) A book or recipe suggestion for us to try.

We’ll close comments October 31, 2017, and then we’ll draw a random winner. Double check that you enter your email correctly when you make a comment, so that we can get in touch with you. If we don’t hear from you within a week, we’ll draw another name. This giveaway is open to US residents only, but don’t lose heart international listeners, we hope to include you in future giveaways.

Good luck and THANK YOU for a wonderful year!

Update, November 1, 2017: We so appreciate all of your entries/suggestions! Congratulations to our winner, Kt!





28 thoughts on “Pod-iversary Instant Pot Giveaway

  1. My fave episode has been the “week of meals” episode. My family isn’t vegetarian so I enjoyed all the new meatless ideas!
    I’d love to hear an episode about how you both decided to stay home with your kids and your work plans for the future.
    A book suggestion is The Choices we Make by Karma Brown.


  2. Favorite episode was a week of meals! I love inspiration from what other people are eating, especially when they are also raising young kids. We eat are vegetarian and I love that you do cook some veggie meals.
    I would love to hear more about how you each transitioned into a new place and made new friends. I guess the episode on community covered some of this, but maybe how you went about building community in an new city? We have moved a few times due to my husbands career and making friends has always been the hardest thing.
    A recipe recommendation is my lentil curry from a pinch of yum! 🙂


  3. I didn’t realize it had already been a year! Thanks so much for sharing these conversations, and I promise to write an iTunes review soon.
    1) Really enjoyed the renting vs owning episode.
    2) Topic idea: graduate school–what you took away from that experience and how you view it today.
    3) Fried Greens Meatlessballs: https://food52.com/recipes/37163-fried-greens-meatlessballs. Sometimes we omit the egg and panko, and just eat it as a warm salad with a fried egg (and maybe croutons) on top. The feta is key.


  4. Congrats! Love the podcast!

    Guilty Pleasures
    A day in the life of…(like how you plan meals, divide chores, childcare, working…)
    Book recommendation; Dark Matter



  5. What a fun give away!
    1. I LOVED the Harry Potter episode (:
    2. I really enjoy hearing about how you both are living more consciously (Family Pedals for the win!) And your college years & how they shaped you. Any more episodes on those topics!
    3. Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend// Harry Potter’s Bookshelf// Creativity, Inc// Holes (rereading as an adult is awesome)


  6. Yay! You did a thing for a whole year

    1) Your favorite Friendlier episode,
    2) A topic you’d like us to discuss in a future episode
    3) A book or recipe suggestion for us to try.
    How to eat supper, try the risotto


  7. Happy one year and thank you for a fun podcast!! My favorite episode was definitely A Week of Meals. I love seeing what other families do for dinners and be reminded that we’re not the only ones that sometimes default to super simple such as sandwiches or pizza. I would love an episode on your minimalist mom must-haves. The Minimalist Moms podcast did something like this and it was a great, helpful episode. For a recipe, I would try one of my easy go-tos. Chop and sautee an onion in olive oil and garlic and then dump in a can of white beans and a can of basil and garlic chopped tomatoes. Let the flavors meld together and then serve over pasta. I often also top it with pre-cooked frozen chicken from the freezer. An easy, healthy dinner!


  8. Hooray for your anniversary! So glad I found your podcast.

    I actually love a lot of your episodes but I listened to the Harry Potter episode yesterday and it was quite enjoyable. As a fellow fan of the books + movies, I’d consider it s favorite episode of mine.

    As for books – SO many to recommend. I’ve read 95 this year (five away from my goal.) I highly recommend Shelter by Jung Yun (intense but well written), You’ll Grow Out Of It by Jessi Klein (comical, light read) and Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin.


  9. I am a newish listener, sent to you by The Girl Next Door podcast, so I haven’t heard all of the episodes, but I have to say the Transportation episode was fascinating to me. I live in a suburb of a small, rural town, so the idea of not having to drive everywhere is foreign to me. Your walkable lives are very interesting.
    Our family homeschools, and I would love to hear about your educational choices and the decision-making that goes into those choices. There are so many schooling options available to families now and I enjoy learning about them.
    How about a book AND a recipe suggestion??? My kids and I have been listening to Agatha Christie mysteries lately and our favorite has been Murder on the Orient Express. Somehow I had never read a Christie novel before that one. I am a big fan now! For a recipe suggestion, I have been making Joy the Baker’s Zingermann’s Detroit-Style Pizza and it is magical – decadent but magical!http://joythebaker.com/2017/09/zingermans-detroit-style-pizza/


  10. 1) My favorite episodes have been Oh, the Places We’ve Lived and The Social Media
    2) I liked someone’s rec about childcare/babysitters, but what about kid bedtimes, childhood favorites/childhood dreams or goals versus the reality.
    3) Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer!

    Love the show, y’all!


  11. Hi! I’m a new listener, so I’ve only listened to two episodes so far. I love how open and honest ya’ll are. I enjoyed the community episode. I would love to hear more about how you simplify your lives and what your daily life looks like. As far as recipes, I love skinny taste.com I have enjoyed every recipe I have made from her site/cookbook.


  12. Happy one year anniversary!!! I love the podcast!

    My favorite episode – guilty pleasures!! It was so fun to relate to some of your guilty pleasures!

    Future podcast idea – what about a favorites episode? You could talk about your favorite meals, clothes, podcasts, books, etc.

    My suggestion – the book Goodbye Vitamin by Rachel Khong. It’s an easy read and I loved the simplicity of the language!


  13. Hi!!!

    1) favorite episode– I’ll go with the one on weddings and marriage. I love hearing how people got together. And I hated wedding planning but like listening to others chat about it!

    2) future topic–family finances

    3) I don’t cook or read very much lately (I know, I know), so you’ve probably already read this, but I’ll pick The Rules of Civility.

    Love the show!


  14. i love your podcast and i’m so glad i stumbled across it! you both have such lovely podcast/radio voices.

    1) my favorite episode so far has been “minding the mess”, i love hearing all the nitty gritty details of how households run! although i also loved hearing about the tent debacle at the wedding, so funny 😉
    2) because i love details, i would love a day in the life type post (the other commenters have such great suggestions as well! i cosign a lot of them)
    3) i’m currently reading celeste ng’s new book – i highly recommend it! as well as her book “everything i never told you”

    keep up the great work!


  15. Hi! I find so much joy in listening to you both, and your voices are so soothing.
    1. It is hard to pick a favorite, but the Harry spotter episode inspired me to go back and reread the series, so that one’s high on my list. The renting/owning one was also very helpful!

    I know you’ve talked a bit about holiday traditions, but maybe you could discuss how to start making new year-round traditions as a new family, particularly if the couple has different faith backgrounds.
    My go-to recipe is for pulled chicken or pork.
    -In a slow cooker, add one diced onion, 3-4 pounds of chicken or pork, and two jars of salsa. One should be spicy like mango habanero, and one can be something else medium to hot.

    – for 3 pounds, cook 4-5 hours on hot, for 4 pounds, cook 6-7 hours on hot.
    – pull apart with two forks and enjoy on tacos, in enchiladas, or by itself!

    Thanks ladies!!


  16. Hi Ladies! Love your podcast!!

    One of my fav episodes was social media… but it’s hard to choose just one!
    I’d love to hear you discuss more about self-care and what you choose to do for yourselves before venturing into the world of doing for so many others. 🙂
    My recipes are all gluten-free/dairy-free, but here’s a yummy sweet treat I tried earlier this year and it really tastes like the cereal! https://www.goldenbarrel.com/recipe/paleo-cracklin-oat-bran-cereal/



  17. 1) I love them all, but I especially liked “Friendlier Friendship” (mostly because I got to see you both the weekend you made it!!!!)

    2) How about a podcast on how you get your news….with so much fake news and social media, how do you stay up to date or who do you trust?

    3) We joined a CSA this summer too and I had to find a recipe using fresh okra :

    Thanks for the listening enjoyment! Love you both!


  18. Aww, congrats on your one year podcast-iversary! I came to your podcast because I’m in Abby’s new book club and she mentioned it, so I marathoned a bunch of episodes on a recent Megabus trip to DC. Since then I’ve been working backwards with the newest episodes popping up in my feed as they come in (I listen to podcasts while I sew), but I may need to go back to the beginning so I’m listening in order…

    1) My favorite Friendlier episode so far was “A week of meals.” I’ve been working on better meal planning and not over-buying (I live alone) so I was inspired by how well you both do with that. And also encouraged that even more experienced meal planners still need junky days…I love the idea of planning for those!
    2) A topic for a future episode: Inspiration–where you go (whether it’s places, books, blogs, friends) when your creativity needs a boost.
    3) I was going to recommend the Chief Inspector Gamache books after you mentioned the questions that go with the giveaway, but then you followed up with that recommendation yourself! Love those books, and I always want to eat at that bistro in Three Pines. Anyway, instead I will recommend a recipe that I’ve been making a lot lately because it’s a great make-ahead and it holds up well over the course of the week:
    So yummy! I left out the tarragon and added more parsley, used a bit more barley, and used pecans instead of pine nuts. It’s pretty flexible.


  19. YAY podiversary!!!
    1) I loved Summer Times the most because of how immersive it is in its sensory descriptions.
    2) I would love to hear an episode about mistakes y’all have made and how you fixed them/how they shaped you.
    3) It’s an odd combination of non-fiction comedy and recipe book, but I Like You by Amy Sedaris is HILARIOUS and full of excellent recipes, including one for amazing mac n’ cheese.


  20. I’m a big fan of your most recent episode about secondhand wins. I’ve been a secondhand/garage sale/thrift store lover for as long as I can remember.

    I’d be interested in a baby gear episode in which you discuss what items you thought you needed, but didn’t end up using all that much, as well as items you never thought about that you discovered late in the game, but love. I would also enjoy a discussion of favorite movie adaptations of favorite books.

    As for a book recommendation, I just finished Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It contains six different stories spanning many centuries, and features characters with common characteristics and story arcs. It’s a great ride, and the audiobook is well done.


  21. Hi 🙂 My favorite is the Harry Potter episode. I’d like even more Harry Potter, but as for another suggestion…Parenting resources? Guides? Life Guides? Life Heroes? Life Heroines? As for a recipe, I’d like to hear about drinks in your lives. Do you make drinks? Tea? Cider? I would recommend The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. I am not currently in a book club, but when I finished that book I so wanted to talk to someone about it. Thanks! Keep it up!


  22. Congrats on the anniversary!

    1) My favorite episode was the one about renting vs. owning; it was so interesting to hear all your various experiences.

    2) I’d be interested in episodes about spirituality, religion, and finding a church home. Also about more about building community and making friendships as an adult– I’m pretty much always interested in hearing about that!

    3) Can I do a recipe and book recommendation?! I’m reading (and loving!) The Burning Girl by Claire Messud – she’s such a great writer and the story is about how a friendship between two middle-school-aged girls changes over time. It’s also suspenseful without being creepy (murder mystery/thrillers aren’t my genre), so it feels like a good fall book.
    And a beloved fall recipe in our house is Gnocchi with Butternut Squash and Kale: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/gnocchi-with-squash-and-kale-recipe-1973760 It’s delicious, not too complicated for a weeknight, and a perfect use for fall CSA veggies! (And if you’re not in a CSA, you can make it really quickly if you buy pre-cut squash and kale!)

    Thanks for all you do and looking forward to more to come!


  23. Thanks so much for your wonderful podcast!

    I am a newer listener so I haven’t listened to all the episodes (yet!), but my favorite so far, I think, is the week of meals. I always need inspiration to try new recipes and also appreciate hearing that others occasionally struggle to get something on the table every once in awhile (ugh – I too have left something out all night and it is so frustrating!).

    For topic suggestions, I think repeating the week of meals would be interesting – I like it as a window into the inner workings of someone’s household. I’d also love to hear a roundup of podcasts you all listen to as well as a roundup of any useful parenting resources – podcasts, philosophies, etc. I also think checking back in on past topics – e.g. cleaning – would be interesting to see if you have made any changes, especially since having these intentional discussions and voicing any issues out loud seems like it could be a motivation/indicator for change.

    The recipe I recommend is a butternut squash galette from Smitten Kitchen – https://smittenkitchen.com/2007/10/butternut-squash-and-caramelized-onion-galette/ It is delicious, feels completely fall, warms up well or can be eaten cold as leftovers, and is a festive thing to feed guests but not too complicated that it isn’t a great weeknight meal (especially if you make the crust ahead of time).


  24. Yay!!

    Harry Potter
    Getting outside/nature time and experiences – where, how, why, and what it means to you and your families.
    Popcorn! The trick is to not go lightly on coconut oil and nutritional yeast :). Get it all in there and do it in layers – adding the oil first so the salt and nut. yeast sticks. I also use popcorn salt, insider tip. Xo


  25. I’m a new listener but the raising readers podcast is my favorite so far!!
    I’d like more episodes on relationships:)


  26. Hi!!

    My favorite episode is Community and Communes. Community is extremely important to me.

    I’d like to hear about some things that were failed at and how those failues were overcome/shaped you differently.

    The Giver by Lois Lowry is my all time favorite book. Give it a read!


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