Favorites (again!)

If you like our reading section, check out the Girl Next Door Podcast Book Club! Erica and Kelsey do a book discussion every quarter, and if you’re listening, you’re in the book club. In their latest episode (out tomorrow), they’re chatting about The Keeper of Lost Things. You can also find them on iTunes and Stitcher. Happy listening!

Life lately

Abby shares two shows she’s been enjoying:The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Suits (because, Meghan Markle).

Sarah complains about Valentine’s Day, specifically the need for HP to make dozens (and dozens) of valentines for his class.

Reading lately

Abby tried sci-fi for the first time for book club: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.

Sarah was looking for an escapist read, and found it in The Assistants by Camille Perri.



This week we have a reprise of a previous episode: favorites. This time around we talk about favorite comfort foods, podcasts, french fries, and dates.


Friendlier Reading Experience is almost here! We are putting the first groups together this week, so if you are interested you still have time to fill out the form. If you’ve already signed up, you will hear from us in the next week.

Eating lately

Sarah tried making baked potatoes in the Instant Pot and Abby indulged her craving for a meatball sub.

If you’d like to join in the conversation, please leave us a comment, email us at friendlierpodcast@gmail.com, or find us on Instagram @friendlierpodcast. Thanks for listening!

4 thoughts on “Favorites (again!)

  1. So many things to say “Amen” to in this podcast (mostly for Sarah). Lol! “Amen” to hating making so many Valentines. I was overjoyed to realize we would miss my son’s kindergarten class’ Valentines party which means we didn’t have to make 20 of them, I cannot imagine making 67 like you do. You are a super mom.

    And “Amen” to the afternoon date (and paying a sitter for while the kids are awake!). My husband and I are also homebodies, and I feel the same way about just going out to dinner for a date, I don’t get as much enjoyment out of it. We have enjoyed going to a museum or a movie during the afternoon, then maybe grabbing a quick bite to eat on the way home, and finally arriving right after our son is in bed. It’s amazing to extend the date into the evening and feel like basically half the day was adult only time. (And now I need to look for Saturday matinees for plays!)

    And finally I wanted to share a link to a recipe I had success with in the Instant Pot for sweet potatoes which has you cut them in half. To caveat, I was cooking them to them mash up for Thanksgiving dinner, but I feel like they would have been just as delicious to just eat as a baked sweet potato. Hope it helps on your quest for potatoes in the IP!



  2. Abby! Have you had the fries at Al’s Burger Shack? Their normal crinkle cut fries come with rosemary and salt and are delicious, but my favorite way to get them is with pimento cheese melted on top. They are spectacular. If I’m getting pimento cheese–which, once I discovered that was an option, I honestly always have–I get no rosemary and light on the salt. Just because sometimes they are quite salty, and the pimento cheese is salty too. And, I feel like the rosemary fights a little with the pimento cheese flavor wise. There’s an Al’s on Franklin St. and one in Southern Village. (Sarah, I’m sure you would enjoy them too, it’s just a local tip.) Let me know if you want to meet up for fries and melty pimento cheese!


    1. We LOVE Al’s, but I JUST heard that you can get things on top of the fries. I didn’t realize pimento cheese was an option, but I’d heard that ordering the fries with the burger toppings was possible. I can’t wait to try this!!!


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