Kids and screens

Life lately

Abby has entered the world of e-readers with a new-to-her Kindle.

Sarah shares the tale of two hikes from her recent trip to Colorado.

Reading lately

Abby tried a new genre: romance! She loved Tessa Dare’s A Week to Be Wicked.

Sarah read An American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield.


Screens and media

We talk about screens and media–what we watched as kids, how our families handle screen time, and our favorite resources and recommendations. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue and if you have any media we should be sure to check out.

Eating lately

Sarah has been upping her popcorn game and making a version with chex mix seasonings.

Abby’s whole family is enjoying tuna salad–a perfect summer food.

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3 thoughts on “Kids and screens

  1. I did a staycation this summer, and highly recommend it! I actually ended up feeling like I overscheduled myself a little bit–I ended up having something social each day, which is a lot for this introvert, but it was really nice to just have a break from work. I will say it was a little harder to not respond to work stuff coming in than when I usually take time off at home (because generally that’s between Christmas and New Years and there’s no expectation that anyone is on email.)

    I really like the idea of playing tourist in my own town, which I didn’t really do this time based on all of the social stuff, but might try next time. Although I also want to plan in a little more bumming around time, too. Anyway, I’m sure it would be different with kiddos but fun as well, especially for those of us who are not the happiest travelers.


    1. It seems so tricky to find that right balance of doing and not doing, on vacations or staycations. I know we’d end up doing too many house projects if we stayed home, so we would need to set some firm boundaries to make sure relaxation and adventure actually happened instead of a different kind of work. -S


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