Graceful quitting

Life lately

Abby successfully completed her longest solo-parenting stretch to date!

Sarah is headed into a cold-weather camping weekend; wish her luck!

Reading lately

Abby read Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, the first book of a fantasy fiction triology. Sarah stepped outside her usual genre and listened to the classic novel Another Country by James Baldwin.

Graceful quitting

We share why neither of us are quitting averse, our most memorable quitting (and not-quitting) moments, quitting regrets, gracefully quitting relationships, and our thoughts on quitting books and television shows.

Eating lately

Sarah is searching for simple lunches to incorporate into her family’s life.

Abby is looking forward to eating roasted cranberry sauce, both on Thanksgiving and for many days after.

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2 thoughts on “Graceful quitting

  1. Ooh, this was such a great episode. I LOVE quitting! I just quit one of my business networking things and it was so satisfying that I immediately wanted to quit like twelve other things.

    In college, by sophomore year, I was involved in lots of clubs and activities. As were all of my friends! And I just got frustrated that if a friend stopped by to visit, I didn’t really have time, because I always had to go to some meeting. So I quit all but a very few select things, and was much happier. It sometimes felt weird because all of my friends continued to be involved in many things, but I really was much happier then (and am now) if I don’t feel pulled in lots of different directions.

    You all gave me lots to think about and as always, I just love the pod so much!


    1. Quitters unite! I am always surprised (though I shouldn’t be) at how good it feels to let go of commitments that I no longer enjoy. It’s so nice to have a kindred spirit listening to the show! -S


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