Mental health

Life lately

Sarah is seeking advice on the perfect paint color for her kitchen.

Abby’s found a new technique for cleaning her shower.

Reading lately

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Sarah was along for the ride in Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty. Abby loved Jenny Han’s YA series (and movie!) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Mental health

We share how we view mental health, positive influences on our mental health, our experiences with therapy, and our favorite mental health insights and resources.

Eating lately

Abby’s family has been enjoying pigs (cows) in a blanket.

While they are not as good as in Texas, Sarah’s been loving the tamales from her co-op.

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2 thoughts on “Mental health

  1. What a great topic! I too have found mindfulness and meditation so helpful for mental health. Years ago I took a class at UNC in mindfulness for pain and stress reduction (based on the same guy as Abby’s mindful birth rec, I think) and that was wonderful.

    Headspace was the first mediation app I tried, but I didn’t find the guy’s voice soothing (and honestly, I’ve found I prefer women-led meditation, perhaps because I think I’ve been told what to do by enough men to last for life.) Calm wasn’t the best fit for me either, although I’m glad it works for you, Sarah!

    I LOVE the Insight Timer app. It’s free, and has both timed silent meditation (you can pick the beginning and end tones, and also select an atmospheric sound for during if you like–I love the crackling fireplace sound!) and many, many guided meditations. I like that you can sort by length of meditation, topic, music/no music, male or female voice, religious/spiritual/neither contact, as well as bookmarking your favorites. It is just so nice that there are lots of apps to choose from these days…like with a therapist, it is worth it to find a good fit.


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