Reading as self-care

Life lately

Sarah shares happy news about her health.

Abby laments her children’s inability to sleep through the night.

Reading lately

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Sarah was inspired by The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction by Meghan Cox Gurdon. Abby enjoyed Spinning Silver by Naomi Novak.

Reading as self-care

We explore how books and reading are part of self-care, including our favorite snacks, our ideal reading experience, and how parenting and reading for self-care intersect. Here are some of our favorite books to reach for when we are in need of a self-care reading experience:

And if you’re looking for thoughtful commentary about romance novels in our culture, check out Hot and Bothered, a new podcast by Vanessa Zoltan and Ariana Nedelman.

Eating lately

A friend of Abby’s made Chocolate Nemesis for her enjoyment.

Sarah experimented with buckwheat flour using this pancake recipe.

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4 thoughts on “Reading as self-care

  1. Good to hear y’all back in my feed!

    And I was nodding so much during this episode! I have goals for some more cozy reading this winter—trying to break a bad tv habit I’ve gotten the last couple of years.


  2. I have an in-person bookclub that has inspired me to delve more into reading and seasonality! In the past we have read a self-help book in January and a President’s wife biography in February. This year I suggested we read The Witches of New York for October and pick a romance for February (we ended up with Red, White, & Royal Blue!!). Also we picked the F*ck It Diet for January, which I saw Sarah recommended on Goodreads. I especially enjoy reading books about witches/vampires/werewolves this time of year; it’s a fun immersive experience as we approach Halloween and cozier indoor activities. Happy Reading!


    1. Love the idea of getting our book club to pick based on the seasons! I’ll need to think about how my in-person book club could make that happen… -S


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