Summer day in our lives

Life lately

Sarah loves physical therapy, and Abby’s ebike dreams have come true.

Reading lately

Sarah loved K-pop Confidential and its sequel, K-pop Revolution, by Stephan Lee.

Abby enjoyed A Lady for a Duke (queer historical romance) by Alexis Hall.

A summer day in our lives

We share the details of our days from Wednesday, June 15th. You can also listen to our first day-in-the-life episode and a similar episode from two years ago if you’d like to see how our days have changed. Links we mentioned:

Eating lately

Abby made the Smitten Kitchen Best Chocolate Pudding as a sub for the discontinued Belgian Chocolate Pudding from Trader Joe’s, while Sarah enjoyed a free meal thanks to a malfunctioning credit card machine.

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2 thoughts on “Summer day in our lives

  1. Hi Sarah & Abby

    I’ve been making way through your back catalogue for the last few months. You’ve kept me company while doing housework, while driving,, while out walking & in the early hours of the morning when I can’t sleep. I think I’m almost up-to-date!

    I’ve added many recipes to Pinterest boards that you’ve recommend & even more books to my to-be-read list thanks to the both of you.

    This might sound totally weird coming from a 43yr old mum of 4 who lives in Australia but your podcast has changed my life. I’m someone who is extremely judgements of themselves, constantly thinks I should be doing better, or more than I am. I feel guilty for not being the mum & wife I think my family deserves. But listening to the both of you has shown me how to be more accepting & forgiving of myself. Because of the way both of you speak about yourselves, your lives & your kids has really changed the way I speak to myself.

    So thank you. Your podcast is a total gift.

    Reannon x


    1. Reannon! So lovely to have you listening along with us. And so glad you’re accepting and forgiving and speaking kindly to yourself. You deserve it. Xo -A


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