Novelty and progress

Life lately

Abby prepared her garden for fall, including removing all the giant zinnias.

Sarah is gearing up for two races despite limited training.

Reading lately

Abby listened to How the Word is Passed by Clint Smith. We also discussed the interview with Smith and Ashley C. Ford at the end of her memoir, Somebody’s Daughter.

Sarah was flew through the YA mystery Queen of the Tiles by Hana Alkaf.

Novelty and progress

We share how we feel about novelty and progress, where we most enjoy them in our lives, where we prefer the comfort of the familiar, and how our thoughts have changed over time.

Eating lately

Sarah fancied-up her easy enchilada recipe (but still uses this enchilada sauce).

Abby has another five-ingredient Trader Joe’s recipe to share: turkey soyaki bowl.

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