Friendlier friendships

Life lately

We are recording in person for the first time as we are both in Arkansas for our ten-year college reunion!

Reading lately

Sarah’s been reading the YA dystopian Red Queen series (Red Queen, Glass Sword, King’s Cage). In the episode she mistakenly refers to it as a trilogy, but it turns out there is another book coming out next year.


We thought it would be fitting to talk friendships while we were back in the place where our friendship formed. We discuss friendships throughout childhood and adolescence, how we make friends as an adult, and how we keep in touch with the friends we have. We both loved Rachel Bertsche’s book MWF seeking BFF and her insights about adult friendships.

Eating lately

Abby indulged in her favorite bar food during our class party: “surprise” cheese fries at the Flying Saucer.

Sarah made vegetable korma when her sister came to visit last month. So fancy!

If you’d like to join in the conversation, please leave us a comment, email us at, or find us on instagram @friendlierpodcast. Thanks for listening!

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