How we eat

Life lately

Sarah has started meditating using the Calm app.

Abby gives an update on her dog, Tonks. Since we recorded this episode several weeks ago, Tonky’s health declined rapidly, and we said goodbye to her on May 31. We miss her lots, and we’re thankful for your support and love.

Reading lately


Sarah listened to Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design by Charles Montgomery, a non-fiction book about the history of our cities and how we can design and modify them to make the people who live there happier.

Abby listened to two middle-grade historical fiction novels: The War That Saved My Life and The War I Finally Won, both by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.


We share our food philosophies, history with food, thoughts about thin privilege, and how important (or not) the social aspect of eating is for each of us. Here are the resources and links we mentioned this episode:

Eating lately

Abby made special burritos following a recipe that friends created in honor of their new baby.

Sarah shares her “fancy coffee” recipe: coffee + peppermint tea.

If you’d like to join in the conversation, please leave us a comment, email us at, or find us on Instagram @friendlierpodcast. Thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “How we eat

  1. I really enjoyed this episode, y’all–I listened to it days ago and am still thinking about it. A lot of both of your food philosophies are very similar to what I’ve recently been reading about in the book Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works. I really enjoyed it! But, you may not need to read it since you both seem to have come up with a lot of it on your own.

    I’ve been vegetarian since 11 (with one high school year being vegan–I missed cheese so much, never leave me again, cheese!) and then then for the last year have not eaten added sugar or refined grains. That did change my palette and I felt better in some ways, but in the last month I was just so disappointed in my relationship with food and the restriction that felt like part of it. So now I’m eating whatever/whenever/how much and figuring out how that works for me (it’s certainly more fun, that’s for sure!) That’s still no meat but I’m very happily vegetarian, so that part doesn’t feel restrictive.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful take on an interesting topic!


    1. Yes, intuitive eating is another system that’s along the lines of what has worked for me. It’s great that you’re continuing to figure out what works for you—it’s certainly not easy in our food-obsessed culture. -A


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