Getting outside

Life lately

Abby completed some DIY car repairs that were ever-so-satisfying.

Sarah is loving reading chapter books with HP.

Reading lately

Abby read We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union and Sarah finished Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann.


Getting outside

We discuss our values around getting outside and exploring nature, how we are incorporating it in our family life now, and how we see that changing in the future. Links to things we mentioned:

Eating lately

Sarah has been having picnic dinners with her family and bowl after bowl of the mousse Abby discussed in a previous episode (turns out, doubling it was unnecessary).

Abby enjoyed the most delicious flan you will ever eat, made for her by a friend for her birthday. Email us if you’d like the recipe!

If you’d like to join in the conversation, please leave us a comment, email us at, or find us on Instagram @friendlierpodcast. Thanks for listening!

4 thoughts on “Getting outside

  1. Loving this episode!

    I think y’all would be surprised at how good it can be is to go for an overnight with littles. We did our first tent camping trip with Forest at about 8.5 months old. He did his first hikes (in an Ergo) at around 2.5-3 months and then a longer 8 mile hike at about 4-5 months. I do know that the parents are the ones who have to set this tone and not everyone is up for it. It definitely gets easier. Our last camping trip I managed to read an entire book—would not have happened a year ago. You play, you hike, take a nap…there’s some hurdles but you can make it happen!

    We just went on an 8 mile paddle with Forest and it turned out great! I was nervous at first but it worked out.

    Great episode y’all!


    1. I love how much you are doing with Forest! We’ve gone tent camping a handful of times with the kids. Every time we go I am so glad we made the effort. We have a hiking spot just outside of town that we try to get to regularly as well. Now that E is out of diapers and not napping I am excited to go more as I know it will feel simple in comparison! Do you use a hiking backpack? E is NOT a fan of walking/hiking but we haven’t invested in equipment to make that easier. When she was little she did the Ergo, but now I feel like we don’t have a good set-up. So instead we do very short hikes and don’t even call it that… Mostly just time in nature near a trail. 🙂 I’d love your advice on building up stamina with little hikers. -S


  2. Hike it Baby is an awesome program with chapters all over the US. My local chapter offers all sorts of events (including toddler led hikes, park playdates, sledding).


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