Family food philosophies

Cohesive Home and Streamlined Motherhood


One of the best parts of creating Friendlier has been connecting* with other podcasters. Two of our favorites are Melissa and Kate of Cohesive Home. On their show they share their take on simplicity, minimalism, and living into their families’ values.

We are so excited to share that Kate has now launched Streamlined Motherhood–a podcast that will “guide you back to your intuition, help you dig out from the chaos of life, and start feeling confident again in the amazing mama you are.”

If you need some inspiration or encouragement in parenting and creating the life you want for your family, we recommend giving their shows a listen!

*This time last year, we collaborated on a community episode–check out their episode and ours.


Life lately

Sarah’s happy to be reunited with her Chacos after having them re-soled.

Abby shares how she and her family prepared for Hurricane Florence.

Reading lately


Sarah read Educated by Tara Westover and Abby read the middle-grade novel The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine.

Family food philosophies

We discuss how we approach food with our kids, what our dinnertime routines look like, and family favorite meals we didn’t expect. Links and resources mentioned:

Eating lately

Abby made pizza bagels–easy and delicious.

Sarah loved this lemony lentil soup as recommended on the Girl Next Door Podcast.

If you’d like to join in the conversation, please leave us a comment, email us at, or find us on Instagram @friendlierpodcast. Thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “Family food philosophies

    1. Oh, yes! I meant to include that. I found it in a book about Waldorf parenting (can’t remember which one!), but you can see the one we use and four others here. I’ll update the post and put it here in the comments:

      Earth we thank you for this food
      For rest and home and all things good
      For wind and rain and sun above
      But most of all for those we love.
      Blessings on our food.


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