Friendship logistics

Life lately

Abby shares her family’s new toilet paper: Who Gives A Crap!

Sarah is reveling in how much smoother the school year transition has been compared to last year.

Reading lately

Abby has more romance to share, this time in the form of Hamilton’s Battalion, a collection of three novellas by Rose Lerner, Courtney Milan, and Alyssa Cole.

Sarah read Girls and Sex by Peggy Orenstein, which felt particularly timely in light of the Supreme Court hearings.


Friendship logisitcs

Way back in Episode 14 we talked about friendship, but we wanted to revisit the subject with a focus on how we maintain friendships and how that’s changed since becoming parents.

Eating lately

Sarah made a dairy-free chicken pot pie.

Abby shares a brie and apple sandwich, inspired by the Fido restaurant in Nashville.

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2 thoughts on “Friendship logistics

  1. Hi ladies! I think it’s awesome you both love Who Gives a Crap! toilet paper and would never suggest that you change! But I wanted to share that you actually can recycle the plastic wrap that goes around most toilet paper rolls and other similarly packaged products. I also recently discovered you can recycle ziplock bags when they are clean and dry. Here’s a great link about all the plastic film you can recycle:


    1. Plastic can be so tricky. One of the challenges with plastic recycling is that we are only delaying its entry into the landfill since the products that come from recycled plastic cannot themselves be recycled (unlike metal or glass that can be recycled in an endless loop). Thank you for sharing this great resource–I love knowing where and how and to recycle for the plastic we can’t eliminate. -S


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