It’s all routine

We are getting ready to put new groups together for the Friendlier Reading Experience. If you are interested in being part of a FRE virtual book club, be sure to sign up by the end of January. We’ll connect you with four or five other listeners and provide a guide with resources for making the group a success.

Life lately

Sarah and Abby recap their holidays.

Reading lately

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Sarah read Becoming by Michelle Obama and Abby read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

It’s all routine

The new year is often a time to evaluate old routines and establish new ones. We share our feelings about routines, what routines we have in our lives, our routine aspirations, and routine fails.

Eating lately

Abby made a strata that froze surprisingly well.

Sarah was inspired by the Great British Baking Show to make her first yule log.

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2 thoughts on “It’s all routine

  1. Have you guys ever taken a Myer-Briggs test? It is the personality test that gives you a bunch of letters (i.e. INFJ). The last letter of the Myer-Briggs basically revolves around how a person structures their time. A “J” likes things scheduled/organized. A “P” likes the flexibility of deciding at the moment what they want to do. On listening to this episode, it sounded like you both were P’s–which is why a typical routine (like I as a J have all over the place) isn’t really suited for you. Most Myer-Briggs tests are written for those in a professional setting which I feel can skew results (because of course I will make decisions logically and be organized, etc in a work environment.) However, I read this book called MotherStyles which talks about this personality framework in the context of parenting (specifically mothering) and it was super illuminating and a bit life-changing.
    I felt really quite validated in my mothering choices–realizing that I was just playing to my strengths.
    And it helped me to stop comparing myself to other mothers who had different personalities and were just doing what came easiest to them. I think you guys should read it and then compare your personality types.


    1. I love the idea of seeing the personality types applied specifically to parenting. We have both done Myers-Briggs (If I am remembering correctly I am an INFP and Abby is an ENFP). We did an episode awhile back on personality types, but it would be fun to revisit. I’ve heard a lot about the enneagram lately, too, so we may be due for another episode on the topic. I’ll definitely look for the book you recommended. -S


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